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Is your player in need of hockey gear? Contact us today! 


We know how expensive hockey gear is that's why we created our "Starter Gear Program". This program is made possible by hockey families in our community. All gear that is provided through this program is used and has been donated to us. This hockey gear is provided to families for free.  

To qualify for this program your child must be enrolled in a beginner hockey program.

*not all sizes may be available. 





Why I started this program:

Two years ago, I volunteered for a "Try Hockey For Free" event. We had a lot of attendees. I was convinced that all these kids were going to love hockey and that their parents would enroll them in the beginner program. However, when it was time to return the borrowed gear for the event, there was not many kids who returned for the beginner hockey program. I realized that the only thing that held the parents back from signing their child up, was the initial cost of having to purchase a full set of hockey gear.  

Not only would these parents have to invest hundreds of dollars up front but who knows if their child is going to still want to play in a month or even a week. Our starter gear program is designed to eliminate that fear for parents. We want your child to play hockey and we love the sport so much that we are pretty sure you will too. Through donated used hockey gear from the community, we are able to provide any child with a full set of hockey gear free of cost once enrolled in a beginner hockey program. Our mission is to grow the sport we love so much. 

                                          ~Gina Kielb 

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